Lewis Capaldi’s Musical Journey with Tourette Syndrome

Lewis Capaldi has been a household name since the release of his breakthrough single “Someone You Loved” in 2018. But fewer fans may be aware of Capaldi’s battle with Tourette syndrome and his fear that his condition may eventually prevent him from continuing to make music. In an interview with The Sun, the singer-songwriter revealed that he is constantly struggling to balance his passion for performing and the pain and exhaustion caused by his tic.

Tourette syndrome is a neurological disorder that is characterized by physical tics—involuntary and repetitive movements or sounds—that can range from mild to severe. For Capaldi, it manifests as vocal tics including swearing, repeating words, and strange noises. He has been open about the fact that he hopes to one day become a father, but fears that if his Tourette’s worsens or becomes unmanageable on stage then he will have to consider quitting music altogether.

In addition to managing the physical symptoms of Tourette’s on stage, Capaldi also battles mental fatigue—which he says can be debilitating after shows—and chronic exhaustion due to lack of sleep caused by his condition. He explains that even when he does get a full night’s rest, his body still feels exhausted because of how hard it works during performances. This has led him to question whether or not it is worth it for him to keep performing despite the toll it takes on him mentally and physically.

Capaldi is determined to continue making music for as long as possible despite these challenges; however, he admits that if things get worse then “it is a very real possibility” that he may have no other choice but to quit music altogether in order to focus on managing his health and finding ways to cope with the symptoms of Tourette’s. He also adds that while there are treatments available, they are often expensive and not always effective for everyone.


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