Miranda Lambert announces new single and signing

Miranda Lambert has inked a new deal ahead of her upcoming music release. The country sensation has partnered with Republic Records and Big Loud, unveiling her latest track “Wranglers” set for a May 3 debut.

After bidding adieu to her long-standing label, Sony, in March 2023, Lambert expressed her enthusiasm for her fresh collaboration with Republic Records and its influence on her forthcoming music.
“Music remains my driving force, and this new venture has reignited a passion within me that I hadn’t realized was still burning,” Lambert shares.

Her latest song revisits the empowering theme of female strength. “Wranglers,” narrates a woman reclaiming her power,” she reveals. “The character in this song resonates with us all, reflecting moments in our lives where we sought resilience and sought retribution against those who wronged us.”

“This track echoes the spirit of ‘Gunpowder & Lead’; it exudes that same intensity,” she remarks. “I’m eager to embark on this new journey with my fresh label and music… Monte Lipman and his team at Republic Records truly inspire me!”