Flo Milli Takes A Seat at ‘Tiny Desk’

Alabama rapper Flo Milli made her energizing “Tiny Desk Concerts” debut in celebration of NPR’s Black Music Month edition in June.

Milli performed alongside the Atlanta Band of Brothers and her backup vocalists to deliver her discography’s live renditions. Producers praised the artist, saying, “Flo Milli strutted into NPR HQ and behind the Desk with the unwavering confidence of an OG.” As an artist who gained traction through streaming, Milli has always been free to speak her mind. Her lyrics are bratty and frank, with undertones of a strong sense of empowerment. The tight six-song set didn’t include many talking breaks, but Milli did feature a new verse on “Never Lose Me” exclusively to the NPR audience.

She is the eighth of nine female artists featured in the radio concert series during Black Music Month. Host Bobby Carter shared his intention for this month’s lineup, “So, this sort of occurred to me this time last year like, ‘Wow, it’s too many dudes,’ and I want to really go for it this year, and really honor the women that helped shape Black music to me, which is all music.” Carter went on to describe Milli as “bringing something very fresh and unique to hip hop right now.”

Watch her Tiny Desk below: