Jennie Teases Solo Music Ahead of BEATS Campaign

BLACKPINK member Jennie Kim’s new era is upon us. After publicly not renewing her contract with BP’s label, YG Entertainment, Jennie has been making significant career moves with various projects across industries. She recently interviewed Billie Eilish, made her runway debut in the Jacquemus show, and is now the it-girl star of a new Dr. Dre campaign.

Before splitting with YG, Jennie fans speculated that her management always held her back. All other group members have also decided to leave YG. YG is already facing fan backlash and scrutiny as the artists reveal more details about their time at the agency. Jennie is moving forward with her record label, Odd Atlier, to represent her.

In the just-released Beats video promo, Kim modeled the new Solo Buds, the company’s product expansion from its most popular headphones, the Beats Solo 4. The ad shows Kim dancing and posing to an upbeat track, with her rapping over the beat. Commenters took to social media to express their enthusiasm over what could be new solo music from Kim.

Later, Kim took to X to share the full rap lyrics from the thirty-second clip, “They didn’t want it, but we came out of history like fuck it yeah/ they didn’t want it, but we came out of history like justice,” Kim posted. The lyrics assume Kim is unveiling her experience at YG and previewing this breakout as an essential theme for her upcoming releases. Fans eagerly anticipate the possible full diss-track, along with more Jennie, marked with the hashtag #JENNIEISBACK.