The Superbowl Commercial craze continues in 2023 with JLO, Diddy and Cardi B.

Ah, the Super Bowl; a time when sports and music collide to create one of the biggest spectacles of the year. This year’s event promises to be even more exciting than ever as several popular music artists have been featured in commercials during this historic sporting event. From Jack Harlow appearing alongside a tortilla chip in Doritos’s new ad spot to singer/actress Jennifer Lopez making a cameo in Ben Affleck’s Dunkin Donut commercial – each commercial provides an entertaining way for viewers to connect with their favorite musicians. Take a look our top 5 and all the ways that music artist and commercials contributed to making Super Bowl 2023 a memorable one.

“You want a hit?” says Diddy. The commercial includes cameos from Montell Jordan, Kelis, Donna Lewis, Ylvis and Haddaway.

In their latest commercial, Doritos and Jack Harlow spark, “Triangle Fever.”

Jennifer Lopez reminds Ben Affleck to “grab me a glazed,” in this hilarious Dunkin Donuts ad.

Is it possible to hear, “Angel,” by Sarah McLachlan in a different light? No.

Cardi B. and Offset plug their new McDonald‘s meal in the one commercial that offers a deeper meaning that also could lead to marriage or divorce.


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