BTS singer, Jin, Passes the Torch

Bantang Boys’ (BTS) Jin will make history as he will be a torchbearer for South Korea at the 2024 Summer Olympics later this summer. According to South Korean news agency Yonhap, the singer will travel to Paris for the ceremonies.

Jin was the first member of the group to complete his 18-month mandatory military service, earning this honor at the Olympics. The other members are expected to finish their service between June 2024 and December 2025, with plans for the group to reunite in 2025. To celebrate Jin’s discharge, the K-pop group held a private event at the HYBE headquarters in Seoul.

In recent years, the group has become increasingly involved in political activism, leveraging their status to participate in the United Nations General Assembly. They previously launched a music video campaign advocating for global youth, which was filmed at the UN Assembly hall. Additionally, they addressed the council on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals program.

According to Dispatch, Jin will go to France “in the near future” to participate in the torch relay, so Army fans will proudly see him represent South Korea on-screen.