The Debut Album of Lauren Spencer Smith hits stores

Canadian-born country singer Lauren Spencer Smith has been making waves in the music industry since she was discovered on the hit TV show “American Idol.” With her stunning voice and earnest lyrics, it’s no surprise that she’s quickly become a rising star. That’s why fans everywhere have been eagerly anticipating the release of her debut album, Mirror.

Made up of sixteen tracks that showcase Smith’s talents as a singer and songwriter. Tackling themes of love, heartbreak, and personal growth, Mirror, is a deeply personal and honest work that will resonate with anyone who has ever faced their own reflection and looked deep within themselves. The production is clean and polished, but never overshadows or takes away from the raw emotion behind each track. Those standout tracks on the album include “Bigger Person”, a bittersweet ballad about the end of a relationship, and “Aftermath,” an infectious tune. Each song on, Mirror is like a different facet of Lauren Spencer Smith’s personality and experiences, and they all come together to create a cohesive and memorable album.

Overall, Mirror is an exceptional debut album for Lauren Spencer Smith. It’s clear that she’s put her heart and soul into this project, and the result is a stunning collection of songs that showcases her many talents as a singer and songwriter.


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