by Abid Haque

Van Leeuwen (VL) Ice Cream, the NYC-based ice cream brand known for its made-from-scratch dairy and vegan ice cream, has partnered with Sabrina Carpenter to debut an Espresso ice cream, starting June 28th. The flavor is the brainchild of Carpenter and inspired by her hit single “Espresso”. Carpenter describes herself as a super-fan, and her hit single has been labeled “the song of the summer”.

According to the VL team, the ice cream is mixed with rich, chewy brownies, chocolate chips and swirls of fudge and will be available at all Van Leeuwen locations and on their website. Ben Van Leeuwen, co-founder and CEO, said: “Doing a flavor collab with a genuine Van Leeuwen super fan is always a lot of fun. We’re so excited to celebrate Sabrina and her newest hit with this extremely delicious ice cream.”