Megan Thee Stallion re-introduces MEGAN on new album

Last week, Houstonian hip-hop artist Megan Thee Stallion released her eponymous album, MEGAN which features tracks that reflect her audacious personality. Not that Megan’s past work has ever lacked personality, but this album shares more of the rapper’s interests and personal antidotes rather than rolling out viral girl boss bangers. Famously known for her singles such as “WAP” and “Hot Girl Summer,” the superstar aims to add complexity to her artistry.

On MEGAN, fans hear references to all of Megan’s favorite animes. “Otaku Hot Girl” samples sound bites from Jujutsu Kaisen, and “Mamushi” conveys Megan’s fascination with Japanese culture. Other songs, like “Hiss,” are for those who keep up with Megan’s drama and feuds, but the album’s primary focus is on making a statement outside of what is expected from the mainstream pressures of being a female rap artist. She’s changing courses, and fans welcome what’s to come.

The album enters Billboard 200 at #3 making her the biggest selling first week sales from a female Rap artist of the year.