Shanae splashes into R&B with a wave

Shanae Masters’s discovery was one every artist dreams of, “I started playing saxophone and joined the school band. Then one day I went to my lesson, and I was singing outside, and Rory (founder of the school) goes ‘was that you?’ and he made me sing for him. He was like, ‘why are you playing the saxophone, you should just be singing’. And that gave me the confidence to find my voice and start singing. I started song writing lessons and learning how to express myself through song, and that’s how it came about.”

South African born Australian Shanae Masters latest single, “Illusions,” released this August is opening doors for the singer while building a newly formed fan base, “I didn’t write about somebody, but I wrote about myself, and I guess the introspection and what I was feeling. This song, I’m so scared about it because it reveals so much about who I am and how I think and how I feel. Even sonically how it sounds, I think it depicts me very well as a person.”


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