Migos rapper Quavo Meets With VP Kamala Harris About Gun Control

In a powerful display of determination, Migos rapper Quavo has embarked on a gun-control offensive. Nine months after tragically losing his nephew and bandmate Takeoff to gun violence, Quavo’s actions have struck a chord: he recently met with Vice President Kamala Harris at the White House and spoke on a panel addressing the issue at the Congressional Black Caucus legislative conference. Offering his perspective on the escalating gun violence in the U.S., Quavo also shared his poignant story on “Good Morning America.”

Reflecting on the unexpected timing of his calling, he emphasizes the urgency of taking action to prevent similar tragedies from occurring within our culture. “I want to knock down these percentages,” he passionately conveyed. The devastating numbers speak for themselves, with 48,117 lives tragically lost to gunshot wounds last year alone, underscoring the pressing need for change.

Often confined to the realm of hip-hop and the Black community, the reality is that gun violence transcends these boundaries, posing a significant threat to personal safety regardless of race. Unfortunately, delusional interpretations of the Second Amendment Constitutional rights perpetuate the debate, hindering meaningful progress.

During the panel discussion, Quavo joined forces with Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock, Rep. Lucy McBath, and Greg Jackson from the Community Justice Action Fund. Their collaborative efforts aim to effect change and raise awareness, propelled by personal experiences of loss and a shared determination to prevent further tragedies.

Reflecting on his own harrowing experience, Quavo emphasizes that gun safety and preventing access to firearms by those who make harmful choices are paramount. Balancing different perspectives, he recognizes the necessity of maintaining armed police officers while striving for responsible gun ownership within communities. Together, Quavo and the panel demonstrate that unity is the key to making a difference. Their plea for support reverberates within the walls of the White House, where they call upon those within to facilitate much-needed change.

Quavo’s journey is a testament to survival and the responsibility he feels to ensure that others do not face the same devastating loss. He powerfully reminds us all that we can, indeed, make a difference.


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