Juliana Madrid shines a torch with new EP Afterlife

Rising singer Juliana Madrid has just released her long-awaited EP, Afterlife. This eight-track EP takes listeners on an emotional journey through Juliana’s life experiences and showcases her incredible vocal talent. Juliana Madrid has taken giant strides towards fame since the release of her first single two years ago. Known for her beautiful, soothing voice and outstanding delivery, she has carved a niche for herself. Her new EP “Afterlife” appears to be taking her even higher.

Madrid, is a singer-songwriter from Dallas, Texas who has been making waves in the music industry with her unique blend of folk, alt, and pop music. At only 21 years old,  she has already accomplished more than most people her age, including working with GRAMMY-nominated songwriters and producers. First introduced to music at the age of 9, when her parents encouraged her to learn how to play the guitar. She quickly fell in love with the instrument, and found herself spending hours on end practicing and perfecting her craft. It wasn’t long before Juliana talent caught the attention of others, and she was enrolled in a local program called School of Rock, where she was able to further develop her skills. Music became a creative outlet for her to express herself, and she began pouring her heart and soul into every song she wrote. As she continued to grow as a musician, her influences began to expand beyond her initial love for folk music. She started listening to artists like Fiona Apple, Patsy Cline, Elliot Smith, and Brandon Flowers, which helped shape her unique sound.

Afterlife, is the latest project from Juliana Madrid. The EP features some of the most beautifully composed pieces of music that leave an indelible mark on the listener’s mind. The singer makes good use of the acoustics with a mix of electric and slow sounds to provide just the right amount of impact and variation. One of the standout tracks in the EP is the song, “Let The Light In.” This track tells a story of a relationship that feels right out of a musical in an emotive way. The song aligns perfectly with the EP’s theme, which is a discussion of life experiences and the lessons we learn as we journey through life. Juliana’s melodious voice makes this song an irresistible listen to.

Juliana’s music is characterized by its emotional depth and the relatability of its themes. Her songs touch on topics like relationships, religion, and growing up, making them resonate with listeners of all ages. Her ability to blend different genres of music has also helped her stand out, attracting a diverse fan base who appreciate her unique sound.


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