Freya Ridings Drops Sophomore album “Blood Orange”

Freya Ridings, the British songstress, has released her highly anticipated second album, “Blood Orange.” The album features 14 tracks, including the previously released singles, “Weekends,” “Face In The Crowd,” and “Perfect.” It’s been a long three years since her self-titled debut album, and the wait was worth it as Freya returns with a heart-warming video that celebrates the power of friendship and togetherness.

The first discovery track and lead single “Lost Without You” is still one of the standout tracks records of 2018 becoming a favorite among many editors and fans-alike Especially those watching Love Island, “I started getting messages from people saying ‘You’re on Love Island’ and I was like ‘Umm, no, I’m definitely not. I couldn’t get a tan if I tried’,” Ridings tells Irish Times. She adds that although her music was flourishing her personal life was in shambles, “On one hand, it was a shock to all of us, because the world stopped – but for me, I was going through a break-up so there was nowhere to hide. I was using the adrenaline of being on tour to run from that, and it was working. Then ‘bam!’ – you’re back at home, and you’re thinking ‘Oh my god, there’s nowhere to hide: I can feel everything, I’ve f**ked up, I’ve lost the person that I love the most in the world, oh my god,” she adds, “I’d sacrificed so much, and I realised that I hadn’t even seen my family in so long. And I’d let this relationship that I adored crumble. And I’d been part of that, going ‘I have to give this music everything! It’s everything!’ But it left me so isolated, and it left me without connections, and I thought ‘This is the complete opposite of what I was going for’.”

Freya Ridings has delivered a masterpiece with Blood Orange, an album that feels like a warmth hug on a cold winter’s night. From the beautiful ballads to the stunning arrangements along with the lyrics of songs like, “Last Day That You Loved Me,” a beautiful melody accompanied by Freya’s powerful vocals that reach heart-breaking heights as the song builds. “Someone New,” another great track, has a striking piano-based arrangement that demonstrates how Freya’s voice can blend so effortlessly. She reminds us “….the world keeps on spinning, no matter what. I think people see bravery, and they know when you’re playing it safe. So I’m just determined not to play it safe with this album.”


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