Unpacking the Year’s Biggest Pop Music Winners: Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift and Beyonce

With the year almost coming to an end, it is time to take a look back and appreciate the biggest pop music winners of the year. 2023 has brought us some magnificent releases, from established royalty to up-and-coming fresh talents.

Miley Cyrus made headlines with her album Endless Summer Vacation, which marked a new direction for the pop star while shedding more of her bubblegum pop persona, Miley channeled her inner scorned soul for a new sound dripping in nostalgia. Her hit song “Flowers,” showcased her strength as a pop force, making her one of the biggest pop winners of the year. Taylor Swift released multiple albums this year, proving once again that she is a master at experimentation. She also experimented with collaborating with different music producers and singers, including Bon Iver and Haim, which helped her infuse her music with a fresh perspective.

Beyonce’s musical genius continued to shine brighter than ever. The singer proves her talent with her musical creativity, techniques, and powerful lyrics remain a powerful force. Although she hasn’t released any full-length album this year, she maximized her impact with the remix of “Cuff It” and a tour that saw her break records. Beyonce’s contributions continue to cement her position as a leading figure in the music industry across Pop, R&B and Dance genres.

Troye Sivan continued his ascent into super stardom with the release of, “Rush.” His strength as a musician lies in his ability to stir up emotion with his evocative lyrics. Tate McCrae’s hit song “You Broke Me First” became one of the biggest pop songs of the last year. Her unique blend of electro-pop and introspective lyrics captivated the music industry and fans alike, enshrining her as a pop music force to be reckoned with in 2023 and Olivia Rodrigo wowed audiences with her captivating chart-topping songs, earning multiple accolades and nominations.