Teddy Swims and Maren Morris opens with “Some Things…”

In a moving display of emotional depth, Maren Morris and Teddy Swims join forces to deliver a tender rendition of Swims’ highly introspective track, “Some Things I’ll Never Know.” This captivating duet showcases Morris’ ability to bring new dimensions to the song, which serves as a poignant expression of heartbreak and contemplation.

The inclusion of Morris in the track not only enriches its narrative but also transforms it into a reflection on missed connections and unfulfilled longing between potential lovers, “It’s an honor to have Maren Morris join me on this track,” Swims expressed. “She truly connected with the song and has brought such a new life to it. ‘Some Things I’ll Never Know’ is a very special song to me from my debut album… It’s one that has brought me so much healing and acceptance by writing it and now sharing it with the world.”