Doja Cat, Drake and Travis Scott win throughout 2023

Hip hop has been monumental in shaping popular culture and remains a driving force even decades after its inception. As we leave the year 2023, it’s exciting to imagine what new artists and songs will rise to the top of the hip hop genre.

The music industry is filled with talented musicians, each offering their unique take on sound, but few have continually dominated the scene like Drake. His enigmatic persona and unmatched energy make him a hip hop powerhouse, yet, in 2023, it was Doja Cat who led the year’s best song list with her single “Paint The Town Red.” With a catchy beat and relatable lyrics, Doja Cat transcends the boundaries of the industry, and her work is further proof of the artistic mastery present in the music realm. In this blog post, we’ll explore the reasons behind her success and why she rightly deserves the top spot.

Drake has established himself as one of the most influential rappers in the game, and his smooth flow have earned him millions of fans around the world. Fans eagerly anticipate his next release at every turn and this year he did not disappoint with, For All The Dogs. Travis Scott, on the other hand, is known for his genre-defying sound and high-energy performances. His unique blend of trap and rock music has earned him a legion of adoring fans who eagerly await every new release. Scott’s lastest album, “Utopia,” brought in record-breaking sales and established him as one of the most popular artists of the decade.

All in all, 2024 is shaping up to be a transformative year for hip hop, with innovative artists and songs pushing the genre forward.